DealStart 2.0

What is DealStart?

DealStart is a not-for-profit initiative to get startups in Cork  working with multinationals. It involves ten startups pitching their service to ten multinationals in one morning.

What’s the benefit?

Startups get a globally recognised customer, feedback from the customer, and revenue. Multinationals benefit from a great service, learning how startups operate in a lean manner, and help develop their locally community.

What’s the cost?

Nothing. This is 100% volunteer based. The only agenda is to get startups in Cork working with multinationals. If a deal is done between a startup and a multinational that’s between the two of them.

Who’s behind it?

DealStart is run by it@cork members on a voluntary basis. It was created by John Dennehy (Make IT in Cork), is project managed by Rob O’Donoghue, and has it@cork support led by John Wall.

What type of companies get involved?
The best startups usually apply. On the buyer side the best tech companies include TrendMicro, McAfee, Laya Healthcare, VMware and EMC and others.

When’s it on next?

The next DealStart event in Cork is on June 18th, 2014.

How do I apply? 

Submissions are currently open. The deadline is May 26th. Startups should apply here. If you represent a large company and would be interested in participating please email us.